Our factory is located in Dongying, Shandong Province, where the Shengli oil field is located, and has a very well developed transport system

We currently hold more than 5,000 moulds and store them only on behalf of our customers, we cannot use their moulds. If you need to produce castings, you can only develop new moulds of your own.

As there are many sub processes in dewax casting, your mould may not always be available to us, if you can provide us with a photo of the mould we will be able to give you a more accurate answer. Also, even for the same process, the overall shrinkage rate varies from factory to factory, so it is necessary to test samples, analyse dimensional reports and do your best to use the moulds you have originally developed to save you money.

We have our own tooling development capability, but due to limited resources, we develop in our own workshops and in outsourced tooling factories. We rigorously review and validate the moulds developed in our outsourced factories so that we can ensure the efficiency and quality of our mould development.

Quality problems usually arise during the production process, not during the inspection. In order to reduce quality problems, all our products are inspected at every step of the production process and a final inspection is carried out before dispatch.

The cost of the tooling only requires you to invest in the development of the product. Subsequent moulds can have a basic life of 500,000 cycles. Even if the production volume exceeds 500,000, we will develop new moulds ourselves and submit samples for your verification, without you having to pay for the moulds again.

Our factory now employs around 120 people and last year’s output was around $70 million.
There is still room for 30% capacity on top of the existing land and plant.

Our current products are distributed across a wide range of industries including mechanical parts, lock fittings, marine hardware, architectural hardware, pump and valve body impellers, automotive parts, and more.

Yes. We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the rights of our clients and we can assure you that we will not disclose any information about you to anyone without your permission.

Can your factory produce stainless steel castings?
Yes, we can cast stainless steel, carbon steel, low-carbon alloy steel, and high-temperature nickel-based alloy materials.

We have a vacuum casting line to produce high-temperature nickel-based alloy products. The final thickness of vacuum casting can be up to 0.5mm, but the thinnest non-vacuum casting is usually only 2.5mm.

Our silica-sol casting process can achieve CT6-CT7 tolerances.

We can provide chemical composition reports, dimensional reports, and mechanical property reports for each batch.

Our testing equipment includes a fully imported German Speicher spectrometer, Hexagon CMM, projector, tensile tester, Rockwell and Brinell hardness tester, surface roughness tester and salt spray tester.

We can make castings from 5g to 80kg, suitable for the silica-sol process to produce castings generally in small parts with complex structures.

For general construction products, we can complete the process from mold opening to sending out a qualified casting sample within 25 days, excluding the time required for machining the casting.

Typically, we develop molds and casting samples in about 25 days.
Delivery times for large shipments are usually around 45-50 days, depending on the difficulty of the process and the current scheduling of the product.
If you have an urgent order that needs to be processed, we can help you to do so urgently.

Feedback from our customers is taken very seriously and carefully verified by everyone at Dongying vast. We will help our customers to find the best way to solve their problems.

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