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If you want to purchase precision castings in one stop and don’t want to do secondary processing in your own factory. We, Dongying Vast Precision Casting Co. are your best choice. 

Dongying Vast Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. can be your one-stop shop with in-house machining capabilities as well as external machining services for special processing.

We have the technology and experience of 20+ years to provide turnkey products ready for assembly. We have the ability to finish to tolerances close to +/-0.001″.

We have resources for a variety of heat treatments, including integral hardening, induction hardening, box hardening and many other heat treatments. We also offer protective coatings, such as black oxide and anodizing.

Dongying Vast Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. wants to be your partner, whether it’s a sample or a lot.

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