Automotive Industry

Investment Casting for the Aftermarket Automotive Industry

Among the many products of automotive parts, precision casting products occupy a significant proportion, such as 

  •   Automotive engine blocks
  •   Cylinder heads
  •   Transmission housing
  •   Intake manifold
  •   Exhaust manifold
  •   Crankshaft
  •   Camshaft
  •   Piston
  •   Wheel hub

auto body parts Industry

We can offer different casting products for customers in the automotive industry. Due to the complex structure of automotive parts (e.g. water cooling and exhaust systems) and the high precision required, these parts are often manufactured using precision casting processes.

In addition, we have proven processes for manufacturing automotive parts. As a specialist casting manufacturer, we can produce automotive parts with high dimensional accuracy in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, heat-resistant steel as well as carbon steel.

automotive parts
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