Food & Meat Processing Machinery

Food industry casting

Food machinery parts require a clean surface and are free from any casting defects, so they are usually made by investment casting. Precision-cast metal parts are formed in one piece and have no rough edges. It uses a silicone sol process and has a smooth surface to ensure a smooth metal surface after melt molding.

food packaging machine

At Dongying Vastcast, we can provide casting services for the following mechanical parts.

  •    Meat grinder
  •    Confectionery and chocolate production equipment
  •    Coffee machines

Food grade 304/316/duplex stainless steel 2205 precision casting blanks, blanks through CNC precision machining to remove the margin, so that the size of the workpiece is in the tolerance range required by the drawings, to ensure the use of suitable products in the assembly. Food-grade stainless steel meat grinder parts, products are widely used in meat grinding and mincing and spare parts, in the food kitchen industry. The weight range of the products is between 0.2 and 80 KG.

Food machinery casting
food packaging machine parts

Vastcast can produce stainless steel meat grinder parts according to customer drawings or samples, including stainless steel meat grinder housing, stainless steel meat grinder cover, and stainless steel meat grinder worm gear. The material can be 304SS, 316SS, or Duplex 2205, and the process is silica-sol precision casting and precision machining, according to customer requirements for laser marking, mirror polishing, brushing, and other surface treatment.

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