Industrial Hardware

Industrial hardware castings

Industrial hardware requires products without any casting defects, so they are usually made by investment casting. Precision-cast metal parts are molded in one piece with no rough edges. It uses a silicone sol process and has a smooth surface to ensure a smooth surface after the melt molding. The surface of the product can be finished with various surface treatments such as mirror polishing, painting, blackening, etc.

Industrial hardware casting

At Dongying Vastcast, we can provide the following industrial lock hardware

  • Industrial hardware: vehicle locks, latches, hinges, fasteners, and other closures are also available.
  • Security products: supply engineered and standard closing and locking systems including vehicle accessory locks, cabinet locks, cam locks, electric switch locks, tubular key locks and industrial control, medical and military products.
  • Metal Products: provides expanded housings to support roofs in underground mines; and special malleable and ductile iron castings. Products in this division include mine roof support anchors, couplers for railway braking systems, construction support anchors, and couplers/accessories for the utility industry.

Industrial hardware
industrial door locks
Industrial hardware2

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