Medical Industry

Medical Investment Castings

Components for the medical industry have high dimensional accuracy and require durable and reliable performance.

At vastcast, we manufacture and supply investment casting products and precision machined parts for all types of medical devices and equipment.

These parts are used in diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, and prosthetic and orthopedic implants.

We have established long-term partnerships with hospitals. Thanks to our established one-stop-shop capability, we are able to provide our customers with fast delivery and high-quality products.

We use materials such as 17-4PH, and ASTMF-75, sizes from 2MM to 500MM, and weights from 5g to 80kg. 

Materials used in medical environments need to meet stringent standards of durability, safety, non-reactivity, and stabilizability for the human body. For example, joint replacements are often made from medical stainless steel or titanium, offering unparalleled strength, flexibility, and functionality.


Precision casting machining allows these materials to be subtly transformed into the complex and detailed shapes and sizes required for specific medical applications. Many of these parts are permanently implanted in the body, so they need to meet tight tolerances and have incredibly smooth surfaces to eliminate burrs or streaks.

Precision casting and CNC precision machining are ideally suited to machine these precise, smooth parts in even the toughest of materials. These machining techniques ensure that each part is identical and perfectly matched for optimum functionality.

Thanks to precision machining, these designs have now been miniaturized with smaller, more precise components, including housing and cables. These implants can now be placed inside the body, thus allowing those with the implants to lead relatively normal lives and enjoy the freedom of movement and freedom of life.

Precision machining also allows for customized designs of certain medical devices to enable more precise and individualized fitting. This is particularly important for prosthetic devices such as implants (e.g. artificial knees, prostheses, and defibrillators) which require a precise fit to meet human needs.

Precision casting machining is a unique method of meeting this need, as designing and creating such precise customized parts is both simple and cost-effective CNC machining. Inputting the design into a computer controller allows the part to be machined quickly and accurately, whether for small or large production runs.

Precision casting machining has contributed significantly to the development of the medical industry and will continue to be an important part of future developments.

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