Pump Casting & Valve Casting

Pump Casting and Valve Casting

Products made by the investment casting process are often used in the fluid technology industry, such as agriculture, food machinery, construction, mining, etc.

At Dongying Vastcast, we have the necessary experience and equipment to meet the various casting needs of our customers.

  •   Mass flow meter components,
  •   Diaphragm pumps
  •   High-pressure pumps
  •   Valve parts

steel casting

We produce these products from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. Our extensive services include investment casting, heat treatment, machining, and other subsequent services.

Application: small, complex precision castings in various batches of cast steel and high melting point alloys, particularly suitable for cast products, and precision mechanical parts.

valve parts
high-pressure pumps

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