Bronze casting

What is bronze casting?

Cast bronze has a very long history and mature technology. It has good storability for artistic creation, so it is suitable to be the material for fine works and is very popular among artists, especially figure sculpture is most common. However, oxidizing is easy, so more attention should be paid to its maintenance.

The “lost wax casting method” is also called “dewax casting bronze”. The usual lost wax casting process is summarized as follows.

Processes of bronze | brass casting

1. Clay sculpture

The predecessor of each product requires a prototype of the sculpture of the earth, sculpture is after the sculptor in the original design on the basis of repeated speculation, after the re-creation of the draft, the clay modeling is good or bad, the embodiment of the charm or not, the expression of the intention to present a direct impact on the future products good or bad

2. Silicone mold

Silicone, the English name of silicone, this chemical material is usually used to make molds, high delicacy

3. Making resin prototype

Polyethylene, also known as polyethylene, after the silicone mold is made, the resin embryo of the sculpture prototype can be infused

4. Finishing the resin embryo

Final polishing of the surface of the embryo and the processing and adjustment of the texture effect

5. Reproduction of silicone molds

The finished resin embryos are made into silicone molds again

6. Prototype of paraffin wax

The silicone mold is made complete and intact, and the heated and melted paraffin wax is injected into the silicone mold under pressure to create a wax embryo, which is a replica of the real shape of the product to be produced

7. Paraffin wax prototype trimming

From the silicone mold filling and peeling out the wax prototype, the surface residual mold lines and a little damage, so the wax prototype needs to be trimmed against the resin prototype embryo in process three, which is a very important part, so the link will directly affect the final shape and surface effect of the product

8. Sand mold (pottery shell) production

The wax embryo of several compositions of the string, repeatedly dipped into the mud (or stone slurry), the outer layer of embedding and dehumidification and drying, the pottery shell made of 9mm (5-7 layers) thick, and then the string into the high heat 140-160 ℃ oven or high-pressure steamer to dissolve the wax embryo until the hollow pottery shell

9. Casting

The hollow shell of the previous process is put into the sintering furnace according to the different metal materials sintered at 1000℃-1150℃, the copper liquid is immediately cast into the shell, and the outer shell is shattered after cooling, and the product is stripped out is the rough embryo of copper

10. Product casting repair and treatment

Sandblasting and cleaning of the cast copper products, and cutting, grinding, heat treatment, shaping, machining, polishing, and other final treatment

11. Surface effect treatment and protection

In the product surface treatment required effects, usually cold color and hot color, the specific color distinction and characteristics, and finally waxing protection and polishing

Cast copper parts in the process of production of most of its products can not be strengthened by heat treatment, mainly in the casting state for use, but there will be a few cast copper alloys in the heat treatment after use, such as its high copper alloy, chrome bronze, silicon bronze, etc.

Bronze | brass casting gallery

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Cast copper parts in the process of selection, the main choice of its castings its own material corresponding to the cold welding material, product in the development of modern technology has played a relatively large role in the product’s field of use and has become very extensive, in the aerospace industry and intelligent robotics and other high-tech industry use.

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