Architectural hardware


Vast casting supply multi series architectural hardware, mainly glass fittings, joints, end caps,bracket and others for building, swimming pool, glass fence, balustrade, staircase, railings and so on.

Give your toughened pool fencing the support it needs with our pool fencing spigots that are designed to withstand the toughest of environments. With high quality glass spigots coming off our production line, you can be sure that the spigots you order are nothing but the best.

Each corrosion resistant stainless steel spigot is put through extreme visual and technical scrutiny once it’s off the production lines to ensure that is nothing less than perfect.

Each of our stainless steel core drilled spigots is designed for ground installation and come strong enough to handle the weight of solid glass balustrades. The base plate and cover are easily combined with just one piece that is easy to install.

No holes are needed in your beautiful glass pool balustrades thanks to its friction installation system that simply requires that you set two screws against the pressure plates to fix the glass sheets. Commonly used glass balustrades usually range between 8 to 14mm and our spigots are capable of handle this thickness range. They come in an overall diameter of 48x160mm with a dress ring of diameter 100x2mm.

Look through our catalogue of pool fencing spigots and take a pick of the design and specification that suits you and place your order with us. We handle large and small orders so you need have no constraint if your requirement is on the lower side.

We ensure that equal quality standards are followed for orders of all sizes and our in-house team takes care of the quality of each spigot individually, irrespective of whether you order one or a thousand! If you have something in mind that is not on our list, there’s absolutely no problem.

Simply give us a sample or even a drawing of what you require and we will be more than happy to help you get the pool fencing spigots that you need.

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Production capacity of 1,000 tons annually

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We will give you solution within 24 hours


CAD, ODM and 3D printer available

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Free tooling for order over 1,000 pcs


100% inspection before shipment


0.25 inches to 6 inches available

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Wall thickness as low as 0.020 inches

Less Time

Prototypes to production runs in as little as 4-6 weeks

Large Production

Prototype quantities to large production runs

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Shell mold and solid mold capabilities