Industrial Fittings

Invest in our high quality, durable industrial fittings investment casting for customized, fabricated castings that will help you reach your full potential in any application. Often used in applications such as marine supply, pump manufacture, military goods, machinery, hand tools, food processing and handling, sporting goods and automotives, our investment castings meet and surpass all requirements to perfection.

Chose from carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, gray iron, copper nickel alloys and bronze for your industrial fittings investment casting, depending on the capabilities you’d like to put them to. Weights of each casting vary depending on your need and we can handle surface finish fabrication too.

All of our investment castings are resistant to heat, wear, corrosion and abrasion. Use them without worry for machining, grinding, welding, testing, heat treating, contract manufacturing and rapid prototyping since each casting meets industry standards as well as our own high standards.

We understand that your needs may vary and so we offer customized services for all your casting needs. Simply provide us with a sample or a drawing of what you require and let us know what applications you will be using our industrial fittings investment castings for.

We will let you know the best possible solution that will work out for your benefit so that your investment with us will be well worth it. Apart from high corrosion resistance, our investment castings also feature outstanding cast ability, high thermal conductivity and moderate resistance of thermal shock. Using our precision investment castings, therefore, across applications is safe and easy and getting them manufactured is simple and convenient.

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