Metal Castings


Change the way you handle your industrial needs with metal castings that save your overall costs while ensuring high quality castings for your applications. At Vast, we manufacture castings depending on the shape, size and specifications you require, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your industrial needs.


Each of our metal castings is put through a complete, end to end visual and technical inspection using advanced tools to ensure that they meet up to your requirements. With solid carbon steel being used for investment castings, you can be sure that our castings are durable and will withstand wear and tear, corrosion and abrasions.


Choose our metal castings for various applications ranging from installing pool fencing spigots down to heavy machinery. Our metal castings are made according to international standards with high quality 2205 duplex stainless steel that is corrosion resistant. Choose from our extensive catalog and get the casting you require for your specific application.


Put our castings to the test and revel in the fact that you can also choose to get custom metal castings from us. Simply give us your specifications and design, either with a sample or a drawing, and we will get your metal castings manufactured in a really short time, without compromising on quality.


Our castings are perfect for applications in which cast irons may not be able to deliver the right level of shock resistance and are ideal wherever you need high performance in industrial work. Although we have the ability to handle bulk metal castings requirements, we also handle small orders with the same precision, industriousness and accuracy.


Bulk orders take no longer than absolutely necessary and we get the job completed fast and with all attention to detail and quality, thanks to our pre-defined quality assurance cycle that handles accuracy and quality of production from start to finish.

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Production capacity of 1,000 tons annually

Fast Reply

We will give you solution within 24 hours


CAD, ODM and 3D printer available

Free Tooling

Free tooling for order over 1,000 pcs


100% inspection before shipment


0.25 inches to 6 inches available

Low Thickness

Wall thickness as low as 0.020 inches

Less Time

Prototypes to production runs in as little as 4-6 weeks

Large Production

Prototype quantities to large production runs

Solid Mold

Shell mold and solid mold capabilities